Business News
  • Xintai Develops High-end Chemical Industry

    Xintai promotes the development of the high-end chemical industry chain

  • Key Investment Projects Signed in Rizhao

    The total investment of projects signed by Rizhao reaches 11.56 billion yuan

  • Promoting High-quality, Massive Development of New-type Energy Storage in Shandong

    Shandong promotes the high-quality development of new energy and renewable energy

  • Taian Focuses on Pushing forward Cultural Industry

    Taian goes all out to promote the high-quality development of the cultural industry

  • Introduction to Cities


    Open Platform


    Cooperation Projects


  • Loader Industry Chain Project

    10 billion Rmb

    High-end equipment manufacturing


  • Shandong Big Data Industry Base

    10 billion Rmb

    New generation of information technology


  • Major Industries


  • New-generation Information Technology
  • High-end Equipment
  • New Energy & New Materials
  • Marine Economy
  • Medical & Elderly Care Service
  • High-end Chemical Engineering
  • Modern High-efficiency Agriculture
  • Cultural and Tourism industry
  • Modern Finance
  • Modern Light Industrial Textile
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  • Shandong: speeding up "new infrastructure" to consolidate the digital base

    Seize the window period for accelerating the layout of "new infrastructure"

  • Shandong: "City Brain" Governs the City with Precision

    Shandong has continuously improved its services for people\\\'s wellbeing and its urban governance capabilities by building a smart city ecosystem featuring "good perception, thinking and warmth".

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  • Shandong accelerates the construction of manufacturing innovation center

    ​In recent years, Shandong Provincial Department of Industry and Information Technology has built a national and provincial manufacturing innovation center closely around key industrial chains.

  • Shandong aims at seven industrial chains of high-end equipment

    A new pattern of high-end equipment industry in Shandong has been formed

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  • Shandong to Deploy 8,000+ Public, Special Charging & Battery Swap Stations by 2025

    The Development Plan of Shandong Province for Electric Vehicle Charging Infrastructure (Plan) has recently been released.

  • Jinan New Materials Industrial Park

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  • A new round of building a strong marine province, Shandong to do a good job in the three articles

    Shandong has a coastline of 3,345 kilometers

  • YSFRI\\\\\\\'s Enterprise-University-Institute Cooperation Base Established to Promote High-quality Development of Living Marine Resources

    Recently the Inaugural Ceremony of Base for Enterprise-University-Institute Cooperation in High-quality Processing and Use of Living Marine Resources & Expert Forum has taken place at Langya Base of the Yellow Sea Fisheries Research Institute (YSFRI), Chinese Academy of Fishery Sciences (CAFS) in West Coast New Area, Qingdao.

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  • Heze Pools Top Talents to Boost High-end Chemical Industry

    Heze has been pooling members of the Chinese Academy of Sciences and the Chinese Academy of Engineering, overseas academicians and other top talents, to boost the high-end chemical industry and push for an overall leap in the chain.

  • Shandong chemical industry highlights the development of polyurethane superiority industry

    As a traditional pillar industry in Shandong Province

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  • Qilu model for rural revitalization moves towards the whole industry chain

    The chapter of rural revitalization has changed from blueprints to construction drawings

  • These points in the No. 1 Central Document, Shandong has something to do

    The 2022 No. 1 Central Document is deployed from multiple aspects. In recent years

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  • Shandong Province\\\\\\\'s finances make efforts to promote the sustainable development of natural resources

    In recent years, Shandong Provincial Finance has actively practiced the concept of "lucid waters and lush mountains are invaluable assets"

  • Shandong Province\\\\\\\'s financial support for micro, small and medium-sized enterprises continues to increase

    ​Shandong Finance continued to increase its support for micro

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  • Shandong Has Listed Light Industry and Textile Industry in the "Top Ten" Industries and Will Take Six Major Action Plans

    With a high popularity and big influence nationwide, Shandong modern light industry and textile industry is a pillar industry and an important livelihood industry across the province. The 2022 Action Plan for the "Top 10 Industries" includes the action plan for the modern light industry and textile industry.

  • Careers


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  • Wulian County in Rizhao Introduced "Fourteen Talent Golden Policies"

    Introduction of "Fourteen Talent Golden Policies"

  • Management Measures for Postdoctoral Innovation Practice Bases in Shandong Province

    Basic requirements on organizations that can set up postdoctoral innovation practice bases.

  • Policies on Supporting the Building of Top Talent Teams in Shandong

    Policies on Supporting the Building of Top Talent Teams in Shandong。

  • Supportive Policies for the "One Project One Discussion" Top Talent Team Introduction System in Shandong

    Supportive Policies for the "One Project One Discussion" Top Talent Team Introduction System in Shandong。

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